Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun and Easy Halloween Look With Products You Have at Home! "Creepy Old Man"

Start by taking a dark foundation, eyeliner, or a dark eye shadow and darken all imperfections on your face. I squinted my eyes and forehead and darkened lines with a dark foundation. Then I darkened under eye circles and smile lines. Basically, you do the complete opposite of what you normally do! I contoured my nose to look bigger and rounder by drawing a dark circle at the ball of my nose. Next, I highlighted (with a very light concealer) my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and above all of the wrinkles I created. I used a dark brown shadow to make the eyebrows thick and un-tamed looking. I added a little white shadow base to the brows to make them stick up and look "grey-ish".  

I used a sponge dipped into black, brown, and grey shadow to stipple on the beard. Again, the idea of this look is to use products you have at home, so just work with what you have! 

I wanted to take a shot with out the hat so you could get a better idea of where I placed the darker foundation to give my skin that "old age" look. This is a pretty simple costume look with out stage make up. I used less then 10 products that most of us have already. 

Next week I plan do do a few looks using latex and prosthetics, as well as a cutsie Halloween look or two so stay tuned!!! 

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